Dustrol Paint Building

As a specialty contractor, there is nothing better than when another contractor comes to you and asks you to take your expertise and experience to help them solve a complex issue. It is even more gratifying when that contractor wants you to help them build one of their own buildings. The Dustrol Paint Building was just such a project.

Dustrol, based in Towanda, Kansas, is an asphalt maintenance contractor and a member of the Kansas Association of Contractors. They began locally in 1973, but now work in over 16 states. This type of work required large machinery, and the amount of work Dustrol does meant that machinery needed to be maintained. Dustrol’s new paint building was designed to help.

We were able to produce a building that lives up to the grand scale of our customer’s needs. Working closely with both the owner and our long established partners, we were able to safely complete the Dustrol Paint Building on time and within budget.