Kansas Leadership Center

The Kansas Leadership Center is located at 325 East Douglas Street. This location created opportunities and challenges. The Leadership Center is the first new construction in the Douglas corridor in approximately 38 years and is attached directly to the Kansas Health Foundation.

As the subcontractor chosen to complete all the building’s plumbing, piping and fire protection, our company worked hard to ensure that this building was inspiring, efficient, safe and beautiful. Several noteworthy aspects include the state of the art main kitchen which includes flexible natural gas and water piping to appliances to allow for limited but safe repositioning for periodic cleaning. The installation of a Thermaco Big Dipper eliminates the need for expensive outside underground grease traps. Big Dipper systems allow the end user to monitor grease levels and place the used grease in recycling containers.

The Kansas Leadership Center was designed and built to be an inspiring atmosphere that fits into its historical context. We are proud to have been a part of creating this center that will serve to educate and inspire Kansas leaders well into the future.